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Now you have registered for the Access Bank Lagos City Marathon and you are thinking to yourself “what have I done”. Don’t panic. You are not alone. Even habitual runners have this same apprehension.
I am here to tell you to take a deep breath and don’t panic. Don’t over think it. Over thinking is akin to what over training is for the muscles. Visualize the finish line. The pride, joy and relief that is going to come when you cross that line. Let that be your focus. Make these affirmations as you practice for the big day:

I am strong
I can do all things I set my mind on
I will do the best that I can do
I will run the Access Bank Lagos City Marathon

There are certain very crucial things one must put in place:

1. Get the right SHOES
the right shoes
You will never go on a long distance journey in your car or any journey whatsoever for that matter and put tires of a bicycle on your car. You do the same thing if you wear the wrong shoes. You might already have one but remember just like the tires on a car they wear out. If you have been using them regularly over time it might need replacement. There is a general misconception that sneakers are sneakers. I am sorry some shoes are more equal than others. Go to the shoe store, try on running shoes. Ask questions. Also there are socks made for running. The wrong socks could be the difference between a disastrous marathon and an enjoyable one. Appropriate clothing is extremely necessary. It’s going to be hot on the day. So remember that. 

2. Workout
When most people hear workouts they think “but I am running already, do I have to workout?” I must say you do have to workout along with your practice runs. No I am not talking joining a gym and doing gym rat style bicep curls. I am talking strength exercises that will make you stronger, faster, aid in preventing injury and most importantly make you a more efficient runner. Check out the workout video for sample exercises.

3) Nutrition and Hydration
This is very important in your preparation for the big day and generally everyday life. You must energize yourself with whole foods, grains and vegetables. No you don’t have to run out to some special health store and start picking things you have never had before. You just need to make clean choices. Swap the breads, pasta, rice for sweet potatoes, local unpolished rice, fruits (cherry, watermelon, mangoes, bananas etc) and vegetables. A smoothie is an efficient way to get a lot of vegetables and fruits in and you must drink ample amounts of water.

These are the basic foundations as you prepare for a marathon. We shall be breaking these further down in the closing weeks to come. Remember your health is the true wealth. Eat clean, exercise and drink CLEAN water.

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