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The Access Bank Lagos City Marathon is here! Ok well actually, it’s tomorrow (Feb but it might as well be here right now! We’ve given you tips to prepare- how to get your mind right as well as your body. And now we’re here to tell you how to get your body ready for the marathon- literally right before you do it!
Warm up is a very important part of exercise, especially before something as tasking as a marathon. Here’s how to make sure you warm up properly:

hip flexor

Stand tall. Flex your hip and knee to bring your right knee up toward your chest as you swing your left arm forward.
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Lower to the ground, then repeat on the other leg

leg flexor

Stand tall with your right arm forward. Bend your knee at a right Angle in front of you, thigh parallel to the ground, as you swing your right arm back and left arm forward. Contract your quads to extend your leg straight out. Return to standing then repeat with other leg.

leg extendor

Tighten your hamstrings and bend your right knee behind you, bringing your heel toward your butt as you swing your right arm back and left arm forward. Straighten your leg, then repeat on the other side.

Plantar flexion

Stand with your hands on your hips. Raise your right foot a few inches, keeping your knee straight. Quickly flex your foot, pointing your toes upward. Return to standing, then repeat with the other foot.

Be sure to do 10 on each leg. And happy running!

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