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By Damilola Faustino

The task of finding your perfect beauty product is definitely a difficult one. And once you select your favourite brand, then you might want to show off the cosmetic every day! But did you know that using some kinds of makeup products daily can be doing you more harm than good? Using these every day can spell doom to your skin/hair/health. So, what you used to make yourself to look better will only end up making you look bad. Hence, it is important for you to know the beauty products you should not use daily:


Yes, most of the people out there want that smooth look. But using a self-tanner every day can only create problems for your skin. This is one of the makeup products you must avoid using every day.

Dry shampoo

When you don’t have the time to take a hair shower, we all go for a dry shampoo. But overuse of this hair saver must be strictly avoided. Using this every day can make your hair turn fragile and dry. It can also lead to hair breakage and damage over time.

Deep conditioner

Giving your hair a deep conditioning can make it look and feel healthy. But, when you overuse it, it can make your hair drier and throw off the natural pH balance of the scalp.

Medicated lip balm

Medicated lip balm can save you from cracked lips. But using this from time to time can only make the situation worse.

Makeup primer

Everyone is a big fan of the primer, as it can make your face look flawless. But do you know that the silicon content in this makeup product can clog pores with oils and sweat that can lead to breakouts? Reduce its usage.

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