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Potterheads everywhere have been ecstatic this week because our favorite boy wizard is back- that’s right people, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is finally here and we are beyond excited that there’s an addition to the Harry Potter saga. It’s not a new book though…well, not really. It’s a play set nineteen years after the events of the final book and it’s all about Harry’s second son, Albus. But for those of us who can’t make it to the abroad to see, never fear cos the official script is for sale!

I’ve already sharply bought, read and re-read my own and, without giving away too many details, here are my favorite things about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child:


Hermione and Ron on stage

5. Hermione and Ron are still together and very much in love. They seem very happy and are without a doubt the most solid couple in the play. Plus Ron is still super funny and Hermione is the Minister of Magic! Also, did we mention that she’s being played by a black woman? EPIC.



4. Harry is far from perfect. He’s the Head of Magical Law Enforcement (which is awesome because he always wanted a career as an auror and that’s the very highest auror there is) and his relationship with Ginny is a bit strained but still very strong. However, he’s really not that great a father- and we sort of like that. Most heroes are painted as these sacrificial lambs who do no wrong. But Harry, like many others, is struggling to be a good father and it makes us feel a certain sympathy for both him and poor Albus.


scorpius and albus is cursed child play

3. You’ll never guess who Harry Potter’s son is best friends with- Scorpuis Malfoy. That’s right, Malfoy as in Draco Malfoy. Oddly enough, we don’t hate it. They seem to genuinely care about each other. Plus the way they met is almost identical to how Harry and Ron did so we’re pretty optimistic they’ll be BFFs for a very long time.


Time turner Hermione Cursed Child

2. There’s a whole load of time travel! Now, I’m not usually a fan of time travel being used as a major plot device but JK Rowling made it work in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban so have faith that she can make it work once again. Hermione’s Time Turner resurfaces and the chaos begins from there.


character doing magic in cursed child play

1. The absolute best thing about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is MORE MAGIC! More spells, more potions, more JK Rowling sucking us into this epic dreamworld of magic. For a second I almost completely forgot I was a twenty five year old stuck in Lagos struggling to find money to feed her bag addiction and fully thought I was running through the streets of London, fiddling round with time. It was truly amazing.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is definitely worth all the hype and we can’t lie, we’re sort of hoping they turn it into a movie! Have any of you read it or watched the play? Or are you over the whole Harry Potter thing and just wish it would die? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.


Written by Tamara Aihie 

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