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Knowing how to shave your legs might be one of those things you seem to have been born with. But just because shaving your legs feels like second nature, you may be hurting your skin by making a few mistakes or skipping a few key steps along the way. If you’re someone who chooses to shave their legs, armpits, and more, continue reading to learn all the mistakes of shaving as a woman.


Forcing yourself to shave with a women’s razor

Do women really need a different razor to shave their legs than a man uses to shave? Nope. Unless you’ve found a favourite razor brand you want to stick with, you don’t need a pink razor, a speciality razor, or one infused with anything for a great shave. In fact, you can use the same brand men use.

Sharing a razor with someone

You can absolutely use the same brand if it works for you both, but you shouldn’t actually share one razor with your partner (or anyone, for that matter). When a woman uses her partner’s razor, it will get dull, and then it’s not so great for the man’s more delicate face. Sharing this grooming tool is also an easy way to swap germs and bacteria—not something you want when trying to get clean and smooth.

Shaving on dry skin

It’s a bad idea to shave dry legs. When you’re ready to shave, starting by adding a shaving lotion to assist the blade over your skin. And try not to shave over the same area multiple times. Shaving dry legs will increase the risk of irritation, ingrown hairs, and itching. However, if you don’t have access to water and must shave, try applying soap or hair conditioner to the legs before going over them with a razor to reduce friction and help prevent injury.

Forgetting to exfoliate and moisturize post-shave

Even if you use a moisturizing shave lotion, cream, or gel, you should moisturize immediately after showering. Shaving can disrupt the skin’s barrier by physically removing some of the top layers of the skin. To stay silky smooth as long as possible, find good, fragrance-free moisturizing cream or oil containing barrier enhancers, such as ceramides.

Storing razors in the shower

Want your razor to last? Remove it from the shower and store it in a dry place. This prevents rust and bacteria from harbouring in the blades and increases the shelf life. If the blade becomes dull or rusty, it’s definitely time to toss it.

By:Damilola Faustino

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