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One of the greatest joys in life is FOOD! And what better way to survive this lockdown than to watch cooking shows on Netflix while lying comfortably in bed.  But it feels like there are a million and a half cooking shows to choose from. Fortunately, we’ve come up with the top 5 cooking shows you should binge on Netflix right now.

See the list below:

Million Pound

What happens when you bring together powerful people with money to spend and a bunch of aspiring restauranteurs with big, often unrealistic ideas? Yes, this show will make you a tad nervous, but there’s always someone to root for if your idea of a successful business involves vegan junk food, raw cookie dough, or burgers.

Chef’s Table

From picturesque shots of fields and cityscapes to stunning close-ups of a dish that’s just getting its finishing touches. The series will make you feel all sorts of things while sharing deeply personal stories of some of the world’s most famous chefs. By the time you get to Los Angeles-based baker and grilled-cheese extraordinaire Nancy Silverton’s episode (season three), you’ll want to sign up for culinary school.


Nailed It

This show features amateur bakers. The contestants are mostly terrible at their challenge, which is replicating sweet things like a unicorn cake, a cake of Trump, and an upside-down Santa Clause in a chimney design. (Seriously, things get pretty bad.)


Ainsley Harriot’s Street Food

Ainsley Harriott, a chef who used to be a pop star in the duo, the Calypso Twins, is the delightful host of this show that puts the spotlight on the street food around the world. The best part about each episode isn’t how hungry you get after just a few minutes, it’s when Ainsley takes to the kitchen himself to whip up a local dish he’s just fallen in love with.

The Big Family Cooking Show

There’s no better cure for the heart than food. If your heart is also aching because your family is in a different time zone, The Big Family Cooking Showdown will feel like a warm hug. This series isn’t a mean-spirited competition. Rather, it’s more about families working together, cooking together, and learning from each other.


By: Dammy Eneli

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