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In celebration of World Afro Day, we have described below, five different ways you can style your afros:

1. The High Fro Puff

This is very easy and quick to do. You could do this on days when you’re too tired to do anything “extra” with your fro. Or when you just want to do a simple style that also makes a statement.


2. The Low Puff

This is another simple hairstyle, the only part that is a bit stressful is braiding the hair at the front, but it’s totally worth it.


3. The Low Sleek Bun

Don’t feel like leaving your fro out? How about you try a low sleek bun? This is where you get to bring out the brush and lay those edges girl!

Ladies with short hair can also do it


4. Faux Hawk

You don’t need as much length as you think to pull off this cute look! And there are different ways to do the faux hawks, either by using gel, braiding your hair, or using extensions.


5. Twist Out And Braid Out

The twist out is good for those who deal with shrinkage. If you are the type that has excessive shrinkage, then, you should consider doing a twist out fro. This would help give your afro volume.

Similar to a twist out, a braid out gives your fro enough volume and bounce.



By: Dammy Eneli

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