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A coup took place in Turkey on Friday, July 15, had soldiers shut down major bridges spanning the Bosphorus in Istanbul. The military later announced it had seized control of Turkey around 11.30pm. Let’s take a look at five quick facts about this coup:

Supporters of Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan protest in front of soldiers in Istanbul's Taksim square, early Saturday, July 16, 2016. Turkey's armed forces said it "fully seized control" of the country Friday and its president responded by calling on Turks to take to the streets in a show of support for the government. A loud explosion was heard in the capital, Ankara, fighter jets buzzed overhead, gunfire erupted outside military headquarters and vehicles blocked two major bridges in Istanbul. (AP Photo/Emrah Gurel)

Who is responsible

There is yet to be a proof of who exactly is behind the attempted coup but the government is blaming Fethullah Gulen, a US-based Islamic preacher whose Hizmet movement has a powerful presence in Turkish society. The coup was declared by a group within the army calling itself the Council for Peace in the Homeland, saying it was intervening “to ensure and restore constitutional order, democracy, human rights and freedoms”.

How did the government takeover from the military
The president, who was away on vacation during the time of the takeover, called for the people to rise up against coup plotters Erdogan. Addressing the nation via a FaceTime call to the CNN Turk television channel, urged people to take to the streets and resist the coup, which they did in their thousands. The clash between supporters of the government and coup plotters left 290 people dead

What is the current state of the nation

Over 6000 people including top army commanders, judges and prosecutors had been detained by Erdogan- These include 29 generals,  2,389 soldiers, 2,745 judges and prosecutors. The suspects are being charged with membership of an “armed terrorist organisation” and attempting to overthrow the government by force.

How has the world reacted

There has been a strong support by the United States and European Union. However in the light of the recent arrests, President Obama is now urging Ankara to “act within the rule of law” in regards to treatment of the numerous prisoners.

The future for Turkey

The Turkish prime minister praised its supporters for their perseverance in holding fort, declaring that the military men involved in the coup would be held responsible for their actions –

“We are going to make them pay for it inch by inch my dear brother and sisters nothing will remain the same from the 15th of July…”


Written by Kike Olowu


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