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By Davina Nnawuihe

Before we begin, know this – Concerts aren’t my thing.


Easy! I don’t like group things… If you come across an old group picture of my classmates; you may have some difficulty singling me out of that crowd. One reason – I never appear in them. On purpose!

Sunday turned out to be different though, I was ready to be part of a group, a crowd. Believe me, this decision had nothing to do with the free tickets I got from a friend or the new leggings my momma bought me.

It was Johnny’s Room! Johnny ‘awesome’ Drille; my crush since ‘Wait for me’. His concert was happening and I wanted to feel his voice in my spines, if that’s even a thing. SMH

johnny drille

The concert was everything to look forward to. Even better, Don Jazzy, the love of my puberty, was going to be there. Even though the love exists in my imagination. So… don’t judge me, I wanted to be part of the crushers, the fans, the lovers, the anonymous and the devotees.

As a JJC to attending concerts, here are my 5 tips to know when going for these things and I am not kidding:

  1. Order your Uber on time: This is for the two-wheel owners. I was meant to attend the event with my roomie and we had planned to leave the house by 3:40 since registration starts by 4pm. Agungi was not far from the venue – Muri Okunola Park in Victoria Island. When we were done, I mean, dressing up and looking pretty for my crush’s big day, we ordered our ride. The card didn’t work and we had gotten used to the cashless life. Bottom line – we came down and it took 30 minutes to get the next ride. Phew! Let’s just say we got to the venue at 5:15pm.
  2. Promo codes are a scam: Don’t crucify me yet. I’ve thought about this over and over again. Maybe the codes were meant to work for 100 attendees, maybe there was something wrong with the network or the ride-sharing app. Possible! But this information is for you! The concert had a promo code to get #1,500 off your ride (I shall not name names). The code was – #LOVEFROMJOHNNY. I tried but the code was invalid. How? That’s an answer for another day!

P.S – It wasn’t just me. Most people complained.

johnny drille concert

Don Jazzy (left) with Johnny Drille’s parents (middle) and Johnny Drille himself (right)

  1. Arrive on time: Nigerian shows never start on time and this is no offense to you, Johnny – It’s not you (P.S I love you). It’s probably imbedded in our culture and we can’t help it. Me inclusive. The show was meant to begin at 7. I arrived at 5:15 pm, you know, to get the best ‘floor spot’ for the best view. They had these awesome songs on replay. It was a ‘we die here’ situation.

After the long wait, Johnny Drille finally revealed his handsome self at 7:40 pm. Again, I didn’t mind this but if you are the impatient type and you are not one of the devotees, just come late so you don’t have to wait too much. Meanwhile, I forgive you Johnny!!!

  1. Never sit down: Please, this advice is for those attending concerts where you sit on the grass. The idea is that, you feel relaxed as you appreciate every sound from the performing act, while the cool air lets the sound sink in easily. With this in mind, you think about how good it is to get to the venue early, get your mats and a spot in front. Hours later….the venue is filled with lots of humans (well, beautiful people); they are all standing and you smile to yourself – ‘I’m glad I came early’. Except… the show is about to start and Johnny comes out all dapper in his suit, you bring out your phone, the battery is beeping low so you need to capture all the moments.

johnny drille concert

The problem is…. As you get down to it….Johnny says ‘Are you ready?’ and there’s a mini, unserious but annoying stampede. Voila! There’s a lot of humans blocking your entire view. See why I called them humans? At the end of the day, my ‘moment capturing’ exercise was partly futile. Thanks to my Nigerian people, my sugar daddy didn’t get to learn my name.

  1. Stock your pockets/bags: Are you wondering what you’ve got to keep stock of? Don’t be a learner like me o. Remember that cashless life I mentioned earlier? In this case, you still need your ATM card or small cash. If you are a long throat, foodie like me, then you need that ATM card and a lot of money. Don’t be like Veena. There was Johnny Drille’s merchandise, small chops, food, drinks, and frankly, this tip is the most important. If you don’t take it seriously, trust hunger to make a vengeful comeback

Overall, it was an amazing show and I would do it again, only this time, I’d take my own advice. You should too.

See photos from Johnny Drille’s concert below (Photo credit: @Samonams

johnny drille

johnny drille concert

Simi performing at #LoveFrom Johnny Concert

johnny drille concert johnny drille concert johnny drille concert johnny drille concert johnny drille concert johnny drille concert johnny drille concert johnny drille concert johnny drille concert johnny drille concert johnny drille concert Photo credit: @samonams

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