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Danfos are very popular on Lagos roads and it is not for their driving expertise. But, for the funny and annoying things that happen in these buses.

One of these funny things are the experiences of sleeping passengers. For those who are in the habit of bus sleeping, you will be able to relate with these things:

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The bus drives you past your stop

Imagine you are going from Yaba to Fadeyi on Lagos Mainland and because you are sleeping, the bus drove past your stop and has gotten to Ojota or Ketu. At that point, you woke. It can be embarrassing. Most times the sleeper quietly alight from the bus and board another in order to return to Fadeyi.

You forget your change

The easiest way to forget your change with the conductor is via sleeping. When you wake you may not remember your change and you know now, the conductor will never remind you to collect it. God help you if that is the last cash you have.

You may lose your valuables

Your valuables may not be stolen but your wallet may inadvertently fall out of your pocket. The same thing for your phone. If you are lucky, the passenger may tell you to pick your fallen valuables.

You will be shoved

It can be very annoying when someone beside you is sleeping and converts your shoulder to a pillow. What most people do is to shove the sleeper aside and some angry passengers may do so violently. If they shove, the sleep will simply disappear.

You may be kidnapped

This is extreme but when you oversleep, you may be kidnapped because you did not get down at your busstop. Hence, try as much as possible not to sleep in a public bus no matter how drowsy you are.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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