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Written By Damilola Faustino

The rains are here and you do not need to be surprised when a bright and beautiful weather suddenly turns dark and the cloud releases its content. By the way, when it rains before you leave home, you cannot stay indoors and crouch on your couch. You have to go to work. Therefore, it is essential that you know rainy day hacks that can help you survive a rainy day. Here are the hacks:

Have an umbrella with you

Some people see umbrella as a burden while others may unintentionally forget it. So, if you do not want to arrive wherever you are going drenched in rain water, always have a small umbrella with you at all times.


Hairspray is a great product to keep your hair safe from humidity. Drizzle it with a hairspray to keep it intact.

Buy a rain friendly sneakers

You know water and leather shoes or boots are no friends. If it gets wet, it will become smelly unless you dry it in the sun immediately. This may not be possible because it is rainy. As such, your shoes will be smelling. In line with this, you should always wear rain friendly shoes and sneakers to prevent this. Not only will you have dry feet all day, you can jump puddles.

Shower Cap

One thing that women do is to use a nylon to cover their hair. This is quite embarrassing considering the cost of a shower cap. So, get a shower cap to cover your hair and always leave it in your bag after drying it.

Have extra socks

Even when you are wearing the right shoes for the rain, there is no guarantee your socks won’t get wet. If you think it is going to rain, you should take extra socks along.