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Social media sharing always seems like a good idea at glance. After all, it’s a way to catch up with old friends and share what’s happening in your lives. The key to social media is to use it sparingly. It’s fine to comment on photos and even share the occasional update about your own life, but excessive updates can actually be damaging to your life – and your relationship. Here are reasons to keep your relationship off social media.


You do not rely on false validation

You may feel that there’s nothing wrong to post a photo of a romantic table setting or even a selfie from your date. The whole point is to share something you appreciate, but what happens if your entire social media following ignores the post? Reaching an excessive number of “likes” and comments on all date-related posts puts a lot of pressure on your relationship. Some people even find themselves moving forward with relationships before they feel ready based on the huge outpouring of support for the match. Don’t base the strength of your relationship on the number of “likes” your photo receives. Your feelings for your date tell you everything you need to know.

There will be nothing like over-involvement

Social media use is like an open invitation for anyone and everyone to comment on your life. In the case of your relationship, sharing online encourages family members and friends to voice their opinions about your date specifically – even when those opinions are not warranted. If you find yourself falling for that person, other people’s opinions should not matter. You don’t need other people pucknosing into your relationship or worse: asking when you’re going to tie the knot! The only person’s opinion that matters is yours.

Your love life will be happier

Imagine a world free from critique or harsh judgment from others. This world can be yours! A controlled image on social media isn’t just for high-profile celebrities. Anyone can benefit from a sense of privacy because it allows you to enjoy your relationship without any constraints.

happy couple

Say goodbye to jealous exes

It’s easy to post a photo online hoping to show all your friends how happy you are now that you’ve broken up with an ex, but consider who can see that photo. Unless your profile is completely private, it’s likely your ex will see the new photo, which will prompt them to click through the rest of your photos and maybe even check out your new girlfriend. Give yourself the gift of closure with complete privacy online. Either set all your information to a private setting or choose not to post at all.

Avoid oversharing

Dates are special moments just between you and your partner. If he takes you out for a romantic dinner or if she surprises you with a trip to the beach, that’s a gesture that is special to you. Dates tend to lose their value if they are shared with 500 of your closest fans and followers. The point is keeping your relationship off social media keeps those romantic moments personal. That way when the big stuff comes along, the moment won’t be diluted with other images. Your relationship is yours to enjoy. Let’s keep it that way!

By: Damilola Faustino


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