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We’re sure by now most of us have watched the popular Netflix reality TV show, ‘Too Hot Handle’. And just like us, you were probably wondering certain things such as where was it shot, how were they picked etc.

Well, our curiosity led us to do some research, and here are some of the things we found out:

1.The Casting

Many cast members didn’t even apply to be on the show. “The producers found most of them on, yep, you guessed it, Instagram.” The criteria for casting? “Sexy, sexed-up, and charismatic.”


2. The Surprise Twist

retreat of too hot to handle

The producers saw over 100 possible contestants before locking in the cast you’ve come to know and love and to narrow the pool down, they asked a number of invasive questions, including how frequently the subjects masturbated but didn’t clue them into why they were asking. The cast only heard the sexless twist when already in production.


3. They Were Kept In Isolation

retreat of too hot to handle

To ensure that the cast members—who came from all around the world—didn’t meet, each star was on a different flight with different layovers. They even had a handler from production with them at all times while they traveled to set. They were then kept in isolation for three days, only meeting at the villa while cameras rolled.

4. The Villa

Too hot to handle villa

All the sexy action took place on the west coast of Mexico. The cast really lived there and were sequestered there, forbidden to leave, for the entire production shoot. You can stay there, if you have more than $15,000 laying around. The price includes a private chef, which the contestants had as well, but no word if it comes with the same crate of snacks the cast got.

5. Alcohol Restriction


 Production restricted the intake of alcohol from the cast. According to Netflix, the thinking was too many drinks might cause temptation which would make the prize money go away fast.

By: Dammy Eneli

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