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Do you ever feel stressed out, frustrated, negative, uninspired or just plain stuck in your job? Many people have such feelings from time to time. However, if this is your experience of your work-life every day, it is a sign you may be burned out and need to do something about it. So what are the signs you have hit the burnout wall? You may be burned out at your job if you:


You can’t get excited about work anymore

The telltale signs of burnout is a lack of interest or enthusiasm about what you’re doing. Even the projects that used to make you feel fulfilled now leave you feeling completely depleted. They don’t get the same level of satisfaction. They don’t get the same thrill if it goes well.  Put simply, if you’re struggling to muster up even a shred of enthusiasm for things that used to energize you, that’s a giant, waving red flag not just for burnout, but for depression.

You’ve stopped putting in the effort

That lack of excitement often leads directly to a negative and even apathetic attitude. A lot of it is just not caring anymore. People who struggle with burnout are often those who have reputations as high achievers, so these signs of burnout on the job are typically a stark contrast when compared with their normal approach to their work.

Your performance is suffering

As you might expect, this disinterest in daily tasks often leads to poorer performance—because people who are burnt out simply don’t care enough to do things well.

You’re totally exhausted

Fatigue and an overall feeling of exhaustion are commonly-cited indicators of burnout. You’ll not only deal with a lack of energy physically, but you can also feel emotionally depleted and drained. So if getting yourself out of bed and to the office each day is a more demanding challenge than normal, you could be tiptoeing into burnout territory.

You’re dealing with physical ailments

Burnout doesn’t have a consistent physical manifestation for everyone. However, there are numerous physical complaints that have been reported with burnout, including insomnia, chest pain, headaches, increased illness, and heart palpitations.

By Damilola Faustino

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