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By Damilola Faustino

Your career is your life. The path you follow today has a big role to play in where you end up tomorrow and the trail you leave behind, hence you have to be intentional about your career choices as you progress in adulthood. Let’s how you how:


Think like an entrepreneur

See yourself as the President of You, corp. Don’t just think of yourself as working for someone else. Learn to take responsibility and be accountable for your work environment. Be a catalyst in making good things happen around you.

See teams everywhere

See people in other departments as part of the bigger team. A business should be a group of talent. As each person becomes better at what he or she does and shares successes with colleagues, each department becomes stronger. As each department becomes more effective, the entire organisation excels.

Be a problem solver

In the work environment, you have to tackle problems inside and outside your immediate area. When you see a problem, take ownership. Think of several solutions, evaluate possible outcomes, select one and move forward.

Take risks

When you take a risk, the outcome is not always guaranteed. But if you never take a risk, or push your limits, you will never know your true potential.

Seek feedback

Encourage feedback from your manager, colleagues, customers, and others who interact with you regularly. Once you receive their feedback, work on a plan for improvement.

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