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By Damilola Faustino

Oftentimes than not, you use your household items to perform only the task they are designed for. After that, they spend the rest of their time just sitting around. This said, your household appliances can do much more than the function they are meant to perform. We highlight some surprising alternative uses of household items.


The hairdryer for starting fires

When you remove the hair aspect of the hair dryer, what you have is a device that can be used to light fires. So, if you need to light a fire, this can come in handy. A blast of hot air from the dryer can speedily fire up the embers. If you have to use a hair dryer to light a fire, it is advisable to use it outside your home.

The microwave oven for dying fabrics

A microwave oven has a hidden dye accelerator. Hence, rather than wait for hours for the dye to catch, your microwave can accelerate the dye drying reaction, drastically reducing the time of conventional drying to mere minutes.

The freezer for revamping hard drives

Your home freezer can temporarily revive crashed computer hard drives long enough to retrieve important data. So, when next your hard drives crash, just put it in the freezer!

The dishwasher for cleaning

The dishwasher is designed to kill bacteria and make things clean without breaking anything in the process. What doesn’t often occur to people is that it will do this regardless of what’s put in it.

The coffee maker for making noodles

The coffee maker can be used to prepare noodles when you are out of gas or cooking fuel and you need to make that food.

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