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By Pamela Obasi

Technology has advanced tremendously and the world is constantly changing in the grand scheme of things. With the innovation of internet, computers, digital media, mobile phones and CD’s, life has been made easy. Here are five technologies that have evolved over the years:

  1. Video Tapes

Video cassette

Video tapes: This was one of the early technologies of the 90’s. It had very thin and long lining scrolled on 2 reels covered in a rectangular shape, which was a nightmare when you had to rewind. Today, technology has transformed, we now have the DVD’s and CD’s.

2. Television


Television:  Before the innovation of the LCD and plasma television, there existed other forms of TV like the black and white TV and the colored TV. Millennials watch in Black and white? And it’s not on purpose? Impossible. No one ever believed there would be a change in the way people viewed the world today, but now, it’s a different story.

3. Computers


Computers: The first “minicomputer” was the size of a washing machine and required a special air-conditioned room. Now, we can fit it in our bags. Only the trained technicians who operated the old mainframes already knew computers were cool. They could use them to play games, keep diaries, and trade messages with friends across the country.  Today, thanks to the PC, we are all cool.

4. Mobile phones

Mobile phones

Gadgets (Mobile phones): Phones did not always fit the back of your pocket nor did they have a wide variety of games and features. The transformation within the industry has been nothing short of remarkable.  Now, we have amazing brands like the Apple, Samsung, Tecno, Infinix, Nokia and more which has taken us to the next level.

5. Storage Devices

Storage Devices: The IBM 350 was the first disk drive manufactured and it was as big as a large wardrobe but contained a very small amount of data. Gradually technology advanced and in 2000, the first world’s first USB Flash Drive was invented. Today, we have the Cloud Storage.

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