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By Damilola Faustino

If you find yourself discouraged by your job search because you lack the experience desired, it may still be possible to get the job you want. While experience is important, job seekers changing fields or fresh out of university still have the capability to impress hiring managers with their skills and eager personalities. Here’s how:

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Show your ambition

You don’t have to hold off on applying for jobs that you may not be qualified for during your job search. Instead, show your initiative and ambition with a well-written cover letter that highlights just how much you are willing and eager to learn as a new employee. Spend time detailing how you are gaining skills by seeking out professional development opportunities or taking internships to familiarize yourself with the industry.

Highlight your skills

Although hard skills and knowledge are important, employers are also seeking candidates who can relate to customers and co-workers. This is where your soft skills come into play. Outline how you are detail- and deadline-oriented in your cover letter, include achievements and scenarios of client communication you’ve had in the past, and describe your positive disposition to win over the hiring manager viewing your application materials.

Know the business

Knowledge is power when you don’t have the experience. Showcase what you do know about the field by learning the jargon and the ins and outs of operations within companies you hope to work for in the future. Spend ample time during your job search researching firms so you are armed with information that can help you win over potential employers.

Reach out to your professional network

Even though you may not have the experience required for your dream position, you get an interview through a connection from a professional in the field. Focus your job search on making valuable connections with people who work within your industry by attending local networking events and offering to present or speak at industry conferences.

Work for free

It’s not ideal because a job is meant to put food on the table, not be a celebrated hobby. But free is everyone’s favourite four-letter word. If your cover letter opens with “I’m looking for an opportunity to learn – and I’m available for free”, you’re likely to at least grab attention.

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