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There is actually a wide dictionary when it comes to flats. There are terms which are broad, some which are specific, and others which are commonly used incorrectly. Look no further for a basic guide on the seven most common types of flats you should have in your shoe closet.


Balley Flats

Definition: A light, flat pair of shoes, usually with a round-toe resembling those worn by ballet dancers.


Definition: They may look exactly like an oxford but brogues are identified by decorative patterns along the toe and along the edges of the shoe’s piecing.



Definition: A light summer shoe, usually made form canvas featuring a plaited fibre sole.



Definition: Shoes that do not have a lacing or fastening system.


Definition: A light, usually rubber-soled canvas shoe, made for sports. Most plimsolls are produced for the mass-market (Vans) although are now being re-designed for high-street and designer markets.

By: Dammy Eneli

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