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zahra presidents daughter

Starting off is Nigeria’s very own President Buhari’s daughter Zahra Buhari. This beauty breaks the internet every damn time she graces us with a picture. It was rumored that her beauty alone was able to garner her father half of the vote he needed to win the election (we’re only 50% certain that’s not true)


Brenda Biya
She’s pretty, she’s sassy and she’s controversial! Brenda Biya is the daughter to the president of Cameroon and she’s pretty all way. She made once made rounds in international media when pictures of her smoking were released. But shh, let’s focus on her face.

Ngina Kenyatta
Ngina Kenyatta might look like she is biracial but she is very much African and is also the daughter to Kenya’s first citizen, President Uhuru Kenyatta. Taking after her mother in her looks, Ngina is the only daughter and apple of the eye of Kenyan’s president.
Thuthukile Zuma

Thuthukile Zuma is one of the many daughters of President Jacob Zuma of South Africa and with her unique skin hair cut and gorgeous smile she continues to slay. This 27 year old beauty was recently appointed the chief of staff for digital and postal ministry in her country


Malika Bongo
Malika Bongo is Gabon’s president daughter and love for Ghanaian braids is evident in most of her pictures. She is involved in several philanthropy projects in Gabon together with her siblings.


Written by Treasure Asanammy 

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