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Written by Clement Oluwasegun

Chinedu Okoli aka Flavour has a lot going on for him.

The highlife king, as called by many, has just released an album.

The singer with two baby mamas was once engaged to one Beverly Oh, a Nigerian singer who lived most of her life in the USA, but their relationship turned sour with a breakup.

In an interview, Beverly who just released a new single revealed a lot about the highlife singer.

On how she met Flavour, she says:

“My relationship with Flavour was a bittersweet one. I met him in 2012 when he performed at a show in Houston, Texas where I am from. 3 weeks after we met, he flew me to Nigeria, Enugu to be precise.

“I met his parents and he proposed to me. I didn’t know why he was taking me to his parents so quickly at that time. My mum and aunts kept telling me to cover up and make sure I say yes ma, no ma and all that stuff. He proposed and I said yes.”

But their relationship was short lived due to infidelity.

“One of the issues we had was the fact that he was based in Nigeria and I was based in the States. This was one of the things that allowed extra noise come into our relationship. We tried to spend time together, but if Naija girls have a plan for your man, they will follow through.

“This is why I think women need to be close to their man because men are so weak!”

But other problems also arose:

“He said that I should quit my career because our relationship wouldn’t work if they were two stars in the relationship.

“Our relationship did not work because of lies and deceit. I felt like we both made mistakes so I’m not going to put it all on him. Also when he started getting all the women pregnant, I couldn’t deal. I was like ‘hell no’.”

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