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Nigerian artiste, D’banj, who has been allegedly dragged to court over his unpaid N100 million debt by MindHub, has some thing to say about money to any upcoming artistes.

According to an interview on Thursday, he said;

“A musician is supposed to know how to play good music or collaborate with others to make good music in order to get paid for the services.

“We are not releasing music for it to be on You Tube or some other social media to make us popular. A musician should create room for some other persons to contribute to his music to make it worth the people’s while.

“We are releasing music to make money and to have money to help ourselves and our families, I am not shying away from other genres of music, but you just have to do the one that suits a song. As an entertainer, I have to be versatile in what I do”


Written by Clement Oluwasegun

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