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A calorie is a unit of measurement but it doesn’t measure weight or length. A calorie is a unit of energy. When you hear something contains 100 calories, it’s a way of describing how much energy your body could get from eating or drinking it. This is according to Wikipedia. So, if you’re looking to put on a little bit of weight and are looking for some tips for eating more healthy calories. These simple tips for eating more healthy calories will help you gain a little healthy weight too. Try them for yourself, and see how they work for you!


Start small

If you really feel intimidated, it is advisable that you start small instead of big leaps. Add a little bit of nut butter to your smoothies or oatmeal, have a couple extra tablespoons of olive oil on your salad. Little steps add up, especially through dense calorie sources like those mentioned above.

Use fat at every meal

Another tip for eating more calories is to use some fats at every meal, not just one or two. Quit going nonfat for meals, and instead, add 2 tablespoons of fat to whatever you eat. It may seem scary, but fat is actually quite good for you and can improve the look of your skin, hair, and nails. It also helps your body absorb the nutrients from your foods. Just be sure to choose the good fats from nuts, seeds, olive oil, coconut oil and avocados.

Add starch

Along with adding some fat to your meals, you should also add healthy starch. They are all incredibly healthy sources of starches that will help you gain weight slowly, but surely. Have one serving for at least two of your meals each day. Though most people eat these to lose weight, they don’t eat them daily, which you should do in order to gain weight the right way, consistently.

Snack on nuts

Another tip for gaining weight pretty easily is to snack on raw nuts instead of all raw veggies or fruit. Though veggies and fruit should be included in your diet, they’re lower in calories than raw nuts, and won’t help you gain weight. Add a 1/4 cup serving of your favourite raw nuts to your raw fruits and veggies as a snack. They also pair great with a little dark chocolate, by the way! Remember, small steps add up!

Down smoothies

You can add nut butter to your smoothies, but you can also add a couple other things that are healthy, yet will still increase the calorie content. This includes coconut oil, low sugar or sugar-free yoghurt, avocado, bananas, and even shredded coconut. Many different high-calorie foods are all still healthy for you. Just choose around 4-5 dense foods per smoothie, and remember not to forget your greens too!

Do not forget protein

When trying to gain weight the right way, do not forget your protein! Remember, protein will help your body build lean muscle, which can contribute to healthy weight gain. It’s actually the best kind of weight to put on of all and will make a huge difference in your energy levels.

By Damilola Faustino

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