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The Ijebu’s are from Ogun State South West Nigeria. One of the things they are known for is the Ikokore dish. So, if you find yourself in Ijebu-ode, Sagamu, Remo and other Ijebu enclaves, you will be served this tasty meal whether you like it or not. As for women who are from Ijebu, it is non-negotiable they must know how to prepare this delicacy. Well, if you are Ijebu or not, it is nice to try new cuisines, especially when Accelerate Food guarantees it is delicious. Here is how to prepare correct Ikokore:





Ground Crayfish

Chopped Fresh Pepper

Water Yam

Beef and Chicken

Dried Fish

How to cook

  • Peel and cut water yam in sizable pieces.
  • Grate the water yam.
  • In a pot, boil water and add palm oil, add your pieces of meat and fish, crayfish, seasoning and blended pepper. Then add salt, and allow to boil.
  • While it is boiling, take out the pieces of fish/meat etc as many as you can, if you don’t do this, when the Ikokore is done cooking the pieces of fish/beef will be stuck at the bottom of the pot.
  • After taking out the fishes and beef, add some salt to the grated water yam and stir it, because it is going to be in lumps you want it to have some taste.
  • Start adding lumps of water yam to the boiling pot (if the water is hot enough, the balls of water yam should float)
  • Cover and allow to cook for about 10 minutes,
  • Then add the pieces of fish/beef you took out earlier and sprinkle on some ground crayfish and chopped fresh peppers (ata-rodo).
  • You don’t need to mix the Ikokore when cooking at all. Just allow it cook.

Then serve and enjoy your dish. Much simpler than the name sounds.

Written by Damilola Faustino

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