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Foods are meant for more than filling the tummy and quenching hunger. Fact is, the healthier you eat, the less your visit to the hospital. So pay attention to what you eat, as they can make or mar you. Here are foods to increase your metabolism:

Green Tea

Green Tea1

The extract has been proven to prevent and reduce weight gain by increasing metabolic rate as well as providing other health benefits such as supporting digestion and lowering the chances of stomach cancer.



Even though they are high in fat, they are very beneficial in the pursuit of weight reduction. This is because of the type of fat that they contain, omega 3 fatty acids, which is actually needed as they are essential to our bodies. Eating nuts regularly also helps to reduce fat storage.



Another metabolic booster that contains the omega 3 fatty acid mentioned above is salmon. It is important to eat foods rich in this, not only because of the value they have but because they can only be gotten through this method. The oils also help against joint inflammation and other obese related health issues.



Drinking enough water (up to eight glasses) everyday helps to burn fat faster. Dehydration is also most often than not misinterpreted as hunger, therefore, staying hydrated may lead you to eat less than usual.
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Peppers help to reduce metabolism by using calories to cool down the body temperature after they have been eaten. Other types of spices like ginger, help to curb cravings when made into a hot drink.berries, oats



They make you feel fuller and have antioxidants which fight against cell damage. A good and popular example is a blueberry.



Rich in fiber, slows down the digestion of starch, stabilizes insulin level, reduces the risk of heart disease and is easy to cook. As long as you’re not sensitive towards gluten, there is no reason not to add this to your diet.



They contain the right amount of protein and keep you feeling satisfied for longer stretches of time. Do not take too much regularly so as to keep cholesterol levels low.

Written by Sophie Ajaero

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