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When you are very hungry, there are some foods you should never eat because it will simply worsen your hunger. So, when next you are hungry, try as much as possible to feed your stomach with proper food and avoid the following listed foods:

alcohol drink


Alcohol does not just reduce your healthy-eating resolve, it also makes you very hungry.


White bread

Eating white bread simply increases your insulin level. The more the insulin, the more you get hungrier.



You must have noticed that you become very hungry after downing juice of soft drinks. The duty of juice is to shoot up your blood sugar level. When the effect wears out, your blood sugar will normalise. In between, you will be very hungry.

snacks junk

Salty snacks

There’s a reason why you crave something sweet after eating potato chips. or any salty snack. This is because they are quick to digest and do not stay long in the body.



Pizza is processed and contains lots of preservatives. Certainly, they must use sugar. So, avoid Pizza especially when you are very hungry.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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