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Football fans need to chill and show more respect for players and the game.

What’s your take on the clash at Allianz Riviera when a fan threw a bottle at a player and the player threw it back? Was the player wrong for defending himself or do you think it is important to take a stand for yourself? Was there a better way he could have reacted?



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What I find most interesting is the mob mentality that was displayed. One person did something wrong and cowardly, and instead of those around him or her to correct the fault, they got sucked in, bullied a player and responded with violence.

I think speaking up for yourself is always necessary, especially when you’ve been wronged. But one must always evaluate the situation strategically and weigh the costs. For example, in this situation, the player could have been seriously injured, costing himself time off the pitch, or even worse, his career.

Also, by responding immediately, it seemed impulsive. Had the player waited, he could have escalated it to the proper authorities, gotten a maximum punishment for the instigator and maybe even more compensation or some financial relief.

Life comes at you fast. Sometimes you also need to check a fool fast.


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