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We are all for women getting paid so when we came by this news we were like – Na that ain’t right. Just when we thought inequality in the work place  was a thing of the past, imagine our shock when we realized that it’s still a common practice in Hollywood.

Top earning Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence took to twitter to protest the disparity in the payment terms of her male counterparts and their female colleagues in Hollywood.

This was her stance after Forbes released its list of 10- highest- paid- actresses in Hollywood.

Despite ranking number one on the list and taking home a whopping 201 million dollars between the period  June 2015 to  June 2016 , Jennifer informed that she earns far less than her male counterparts in the industry as  top-earning male actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was banked  at $64.5 million, while Lawrence, the top-earning female, earned $46 million from acting deals.


forbes highest paid

The Forbes list not only has 10 actresses as against 20 actors in male category who earned above 10 million since June, but most of the women got on the list not just for their acting deals but for other side projects like Lawrence’s Dior contract, Julia Roberts’ Lancôme ambassadorship, Jennifer Aniston’s veritable grab bag of product endorsements or Fan Bingbing‘s ads for Chopard and L’Oréal.

In our popular Nigerian lingua, here is all we have to say–Men ko le work.


Written by Kike Olowu

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