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The statement made headlines. Daniel Craig said he’d rather slash his wrists than play 007 again. But the Bond executives and the big shots at Sony want to shove a whopping $150Million in his face for 2 more James Bond Movies. That’s 60 Billion Naira.


Daniel Craig is simply bored of the role, which is something he did not particularly try to hide in the most recent installment of the 007 franchise, Spectre. He seemed to have painfully dragged himself through the movie, making it through every scene by reminding himself…this is the last.


He kept looking like every second on the set was more torture than his naked genital bashing with a rope scene in his first 007 outing (Casino Royale)

Casino Royale (181)

What are your thoughts? Should Sony leave Craig alone or should he stop doing shakara and collect the dough? Comments please.

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