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So you know how Nigerians have been on a back and forth of who is corrupt and who isn’t?

In the bid to prove his innocence in the corruption talks, former Governor of Anambra State, Peter Obi has claimed that he has only one wristwatch and two pairs of black shoes.

He said this during a questions and answers session at ‘The Platform’, a yearly programme of the Covenant Christian Centre a programme in Lagos.

Speaking about the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) raid in his Ikoyi home, he said they did not see anything.

Peter Obi1

His words: “I have said it to Nigerians, Peter Obi wears only black shoes, and I have two pairs of it, and I travel with it. The purpose of shoe is to protect the leg from being hurt. Nothing else. I bought this from Marks and Spencer, $49.99,  finish.

“They said ‘we did not even see watch’, and I have said it to everyone, this is the only (wrist) watch I have, I have worn it for 17 years. The purpose of watch is to keep time. Why would I keep a watch at home? Whose time is it keeping?”

Peter Obi2

Peter Obi who also spoke about the money discovered in Ikoyi said: “Let me tell you what is worrisome; well we don’t know, they are still dealing with who owns the money or who does not own the money, but that will one day be clarified.

“$7 million is about N2.8 billion today. That is the amount I spent for all secondary schools in Anambra in a year. If he decided to be generous and give it to graduates, they would have shared it to 2,800 graduates, out of which 2,000 would have been successful.”

Hmm, that makes sense.

Written by Oluwatoyin Adeleye

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