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Reality TV has been a cornerstone of entertainment for the longest time. Every time a new reality TV show pops up, the world tunes in with full attention to see what happens. What’s most interesting is that whenever we think we’ve seen it all in regards to reality tv and what people are willing to do, a new show arises showing us that it can get a lot worse or more interesting.

In light of that, here are 4 reality shows you should watch on Netflix right now:

1. The Circle

The Circle is a reality show where 8 people live in a building and compete to be the most popular on social media. No strategy is off the table in this game, where the players have the option of being themselves or catfishing as someone completely different in order to win. The competition is made exponentially harder because of one crucial aspect; none of the players know exactly who they’re competing against. As the game progresses, less popular players are eliminated and replaced with new players, keeping everybody on their toes. Ultimately, the best personality will win $100,000–whether it’s authentic or not.


2.Rhythm And Flow

On Rhythm and Flow, rap legends Chance the Rapper, Cardi B. and T.I. are joined by other big names in music to judge rap auditions from unknown names. Each burgeoning talent is put through a set of rigorous tests and performances that could catapult them ahead of the others. The contest promises $250,000 and a live performance on Spotify’s Rap Caviar stage to the winner.

3. Love Is Blind

Love Is Blind is a reality tv show that catapults us deep into the lives of strangers right from the start. The show serves as a live-action social experiment, where groups of men and women looking for love are unable to see their potential suitors. The mix of speed dating and blind dating is a fast-track to a marriage proposal, which is when the competitors will finally see their significant other for the first time. It sounds insane because it is, and this addictive, frenzied show is enough to satisfy all of our nosy curiosities.


4. Ultimate Beastmaster


This Netflix original reality tv show is executive produced by Sylvester Stallone and features strong people running through extremely difficult obstacle courses in the hopes of being crowned “Beastmaster.” The feats of strength are frankly, horrifying and the show essentially works like a live-action video game, where the athletes need to focus on earning points to accelerate to the next round.

 By: Dammy Eneli

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