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By Damilola Faustino

If you love hot sauce, you probably want to use it in your cooking and for your snacks as much as possible. There’s something wonderfully addictive about the taste and heat that these sauces can provide.

You can use hot sauce in a variety of ways and with many dishes. However, there are some things that you will want to remember whenever you are using hot sauce, especially when you get a new brand that you have not tried before.


Give it a taste first

Taste is critical when you are bringing in a new hot sauce to your collection. Different hot sauces, even if they may have similar ingredients to some of the tried and true options you have used before, are going to taste a bit different from one another. They may also have different heat levels. By giving them a taste before you start to use them, you will understand just how hot it is and how much you will need to add.

Start out slowly

When you are adding hot sauce to a dish, just as with many other types of ingredients used for seasoning, you want to start slowly. Don’t overdo it with the hot sauce at first, as you might add too much, which could make the dish too hot to enjoy for most people truly. Start slowly and give it a taste. Before long, you will have a better understanding of how much of the sauce to use with the dishes that you make.

It is advisable to experiment

Hot sauce is one of those condiments and ingredients that can do well with just about everything. Because of this, you should feel free to experiment and start adding some spice to different dishes. Whether it’s eggs, your snacks, or in your marinade, there are countless ways that you can use hot sauce. Have fun with it.

Let people know it is spicy

Always make sure that anyone who is going to be eating your food that contains some extra spice knows. Not everyone is a fan of spicy food, so let them know before they get a bit mouthful of heat! With these tips when you are using a hot sauce for your meals, you will find that it’s nice and easy to incorporate a bit more heat without it becoming too much for certain members of the family.

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