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It’s a new dawn in the fashion era for the achieved man. The fashion narrative for the menfolk has changed, hence in line with the change, Vanskere unveils the ‘Possible Conversations Campaign’.

fred amata vanskere

The pieces from the collection are a smooth blend of the old and new mixing traditional African attire with contemporary fashion. They feature bold warm colors with intricate designs, perfect for the high-fashion successful man.

In its first edition, Veteran Actor – Fred Amata models a collection which is tailored towards his career as a veteran actor, director, mentor, and public figure. The collection features a range of classical pieces, telling a matured story of style. His fashion ethics depicts how an achieved man should be seen in the true sense of style his and personality.

See photos:

fred amata vanskere  fred amata vanskere fred amata vanskere fred amata vanskere fred amata vanskere


Model: Fred Amata

Photography: Barret Akpokobayen

Styling and Direction: Evans Akere

PR: Morsi PR

By Sarah Oyedo

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