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For various reasons, you can be stuck at the air port. From flight delays, to outright cancellations, enquiries, complaints, ticket sales, lay over and more, there is always a chance that you get to wait hours at the air port before your flight. Now, eating is always a good way to pass the time, but everything inside the airport costs twice as much as it does outside in the real world. Besides, that would totally mess up your diet routine, so instead, why not find fun ways to wait at the air port without having to spend much money?

missed flight

Search for art and other interesting things

Airports are flooding their hallways and communal spaces with paintings, sculptures, and larger art installations! Some airports even have an actual museum. You can head there to while away some time until whatever the cause of the delay is resolved.

Squeeze in a workout

Some airports even boast their own swimming pools! But you can also rack up the step count on your Fitbit for free just by walking around the terminals. Reaching your step goal while you are stuck at the airport won’t cost you a penny.

Free screen time

More iPads are popping up in airport lounges every day, and while they are usually placed there to make it easier and more exciting to spend too much money ordering food, there are also often game apps, access to the Internet, and more free e-fun waiting for you.

Discover and binge a new podcast

Maybe being stuck at the airport is when you will binge on some brand-new-to-you podcast so you can finally get all the cultural references from several years ago.

Plan your next vacation

Booking your next vacation will cost you money, of course, but researching which Carnival cruise you’d like to take and finding the coolest restaurants and free things to do when you are stuck at the airport. Planning your next vacation while still on—or trying to get home from—your current vacation might just become your family’s next quirky tradition.

Let positivity take flight

If you believe that the world (and, in particular, social media) could use a heaping dose of positivity, why not tweet at the airport’s official social media account all of the things you are enjoying about the airport while you are stuck there? It doesn’t cost anything to be nice!

By Damilola Faustino

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