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By Damilola Faustino

In your home, you are at liberty to do and undo, but when you’re home alone, boredom seeps in quite easily. Not everyone is great at finding personal entertainment (or sleeping the whole day away), so if you find yourself home alone and bored, here are great suggestions to boost your morale:

home alone

Have a karaoke session

For a karaoke session, you do not need to be an Adele or a John Legend to sing. You simply need to download the lyrics of your favourite song (s) and sing along with speakers banging at the background. During your singing, ensure that you enjoy every second and minute. It is even more exciting if you are able to get your significant others to join the session. Singing alone may be fun but singing with friends and family members is more exhilarating and thrilling.

Binge on movies

Watching movies is another perfect way to entertain yourself at home. Just ensure that you get your preferred movies-as many as possible so that as one ends the next one is immediately playing! In fact, you can purposefully subscribe for any of the streaming services so that you can have control over what you watch. Of course, do not forget that you need an internet connection! Better still, you can download movies online.

Play online game

A sure way entertain yourself at home is playing online games. There are several games you can download from either Google play store or Apple store and play.


Cooking meals can do magic and change your mood. And being home is one of the biggest opportunities for you to cook. On other days, you are free to procrastinate and eat out. But with you at home, you should cook your favourite meal to show off your culinary skills. Also, you have the chance to try something completely different. For example, you download the recipe for a Chinese meal, hit the market, buy the ingredients and cook. You will definitely be happy with what you have cooked regardless of whether it tastes good or not!

Read a book

Being at home should be an opportunity to improve yourself. Take advantage of it and read your favourite book. Reading novels, newspapers, and journals are confirmed and fun ways to entertain yourself. In this case, you are improving your mental capacity as well as educating yourself. Talk of using a book to kill two birds!

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