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Written by Temilade Adeyinka

Bloody Mary’s are those cocktails that you aren’t quite sure if you absolutely hate, or absolutely love. However, one thing’s for certain – it gets the job done.

Why Bloody Mary is our go to cocktail of the week, is its ability to combine one of our five-a-day in one shot (or two). Bloody Mary is also perfect at curing existing hangovers with its heavy vegetable base (can somebody say killing two birds with one stone?).

They are also best served at an afternoon boozy brunch.


2 parts Grey Goose vodka

4 parts organic tomato juice

½ part fresh lemon juice

4 dashes of Worcestershire sauce

4 dashes of Tabasco

Sea salt

Pinch of black pepper

Ice Cube

To garnish- Celery


  1. Add plenty of ice and all of your ingredients (tomato juice, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, tabasco, sea salt and black pepper) to a shaker or stirring glass
  2. If you’re using a shaker, tilt it backwards and forwards a few times to mix the ingredients without making the drink frothy. If you’re stirring, you can do so vigorously
  3. Pour the mix into a glass. Top up with fresh ice
  4. Add your garnishes. Any fresh herbs and a celery stick work well

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