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omoyeni disuOmoyeni Disu is an entrepreneur with a degree in Psychology and Theatre Arts from the University of Ghana and a Masters degree in Human Resources from Humber in Canada.

She has over 6 years of experience in business management, with which she has been able to organize top class events, including the “Nigeria at 50” Jubilee celebrations at Ember Creek and successfully produced the annual “Greatest of all Times” G.O.A.T. concert in 2015.

Omoyeni has now set up her own brand, making her the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Mwanga Candles and Diffusers, a business borne out of soulful moments for the founder.

Omoyeni’s success story is a journey from despair to triumph and it is one that is truly inspiring.

Here’s how it all began;

In commiseration of her late parents, Omoyeni started Mwanga Candles & Diffusers and the reason behind the establishment is quite deep!

Omoyeni Disu had lost both parents within the space of 40 days! However, she was able to bounce back and find herself again.

omoyeni disu

So in commemoration of her late parents, Disu dreamed and brought the Mwanga vision to life in 2018, channeling her burning desire to remind herself that every dark turn leads to the Mwanga – light which in turn leads to happiness. These scents, she hopes, would serve as a scent of heaven in every household it touches, providing fortitude and restoring hope.

“MWANGA is my focus. It’s a way of life and not just a business so all my energy is into that,” she says proudly. “We seek to elicit happiness, peace, passion and power through every scent, by being the capital candle producers in West Africa.  Our vision is to give our customers the “Glitter Girl Experience” by ensuring that all our scents are uniquely created, packaged and designed tastefully to catch the attention of our customers. Mwanga is designed to encourage the beauty in life by providing a wide range of products that accedes to the tastes and experiences of consumers at competitive prices.”

omoyeni disu

“I had worked 9-5 all my life, up until the period my parents died. From when I started vacation jobs during holidays at the age of 16 to starting full time employment for about 6 years, I was tired. I wanted to be free, I wanted to do something I really loved and had a passion for. I’m too much of a free spirit to do something monotonous. Mwanga affords me the opportunity to be wild with my creativity and right after my parents passed in September, I just grew so tired.

“I had been thinking of what to do but wasn’t sure yet, when I went to Zanzibar in June it became concrete and I dropped in my resignation letter and moved with this because I was sure about it.

“My mum Olanike Disu also known as “Madam Tax” is my inspiration!!! She was a scent lover, she loved candles, perfumes and everything scents, I literally would wake up every morning, go to her room and just lay on her body to just smell her. talking about this now, I can smell her.”

omoyeni disu

Advising other young people, Omoyeni said: “Be patient, focus on your business and I beg you please you are in competition with no one, the sky is big enough for everyone, do what you do and do it with all the passion and love you can muster, in due time it will all come together for you.”

Since she made the decision to go entrepreneurial, Omoyeni has never regretted it. Despite its many challenges, she is just glad to be able to work on her own terms, in her own space “and super thankful that I’m the vessel that God is using to carry this.”

Omoyeni Disu launched MWANGA Candles and Diffusers, on the 11th of November.

omoyeni disu

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