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By Bashir Umar

Fuel scarcity seems to be looming in Lagos again and Nigerians have taken to social media to express their frustration about the current situation.

fuel scarcity

Queues have grown super long at the gas stations, causing more traffic than the usual Lagos go-slow.

Not to mention the fraudsters that have started going about with full kegs of fuel to sell at super hiked prices to desperate people – how do they get that fuel though?

But trust Nigerians, even during hard times, we try to put a smile on our faces and our smiles spread quickly through our funny social media memes.

Literally every situation in Nigeria has its own meme and I wonder who sits down to cook up these memes.

But we have hope, because, as Africa China says “No Condition is Permanent’.

Below are some of the hilarious comments we came across on social media concerning the fuel scarcity:

fuel scarcity fuel scarcity fuel scarcity  fuel scarcity fuel scarcity fuel scarcityWe hope the scarcity is resolved soon!

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