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If you don’t want to go out this holiday, how about on Christmas Day, you play some fun games with the family? Here are some ideas

Oven Mitts Game

Have you ever tried opening Christmas gifts while wearing oven mitts? Get ready to laugh, because it’s just as hard as you expect, and often has hysterical results.


Holiday Charades or Pictionary

Add a holiday twist to your favorite bonding activity. Just swap out your charades or Pictionary prompts for holiday movie titles, songs, or themes.


Candy Cane Hunt

If you already have candy canes lying around for decorating or eating, then you’re already equipped to play this game. It’s basically an Easter egg hunt, but with wrapped candy canes instead. Happy hunting!

Christmas Would You Rather

Play a fun game of Would You Rather with your family this year and find out what each person sides with, in these Christmas-themed hypotheticals.

Christmas Family Feud

Bring Family Feud to your own living room by challenging your family to the quick-thinking game this Christmas with holiday categories.


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