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Ever had one of those days where you wake up and you just don’t want to get out of bed? Not because you’re sleepy or tired but because you’re mentally too stressed to go through the entire day doing the same damn thing again. From being stuck in traffic, attending to crying children and even eating the same type of food every day. It gets boring after a while and at this point you seriously wish someone, anyone would come take you out of this hell hole called living.

Just before you get that leave from work or school holiday you swear you’re going to take yourself on a vacation and enjoy yourself but we all know where the story usually ends. Rather than spend your next vacation glued to your television, roaming the cinema and shopping at malls or travelling to some exotic location in the Bahamas but emptying your pocket in the process, why not consider these breathtaking getaway location right here in the heart of Nigeria?


la campagne tropicana


Want somewhere with a traditional feel and breathtaking view of the beach and it gliding waves? Then La Campagna Tropicana beach resort is definitely the place to be. Located along the Lekki-Epe expressway, this resort offers fun activities that will blow your mind away like kayaking, canoeing, swimming, hiking and even fishing.


obudu cattle ranch


The alluring green scene, huge mountains and famous Cross Riverian mouthwatering dishes combine together to make the Obudu Cattle Ranch on of the best vacation spots in Nigeria. From elegant sporting facilities, beautiful countryside view and mountain villas, Obudu Cattle Ranch offers you the best vacation spot that takes your mind from all the worries in the world.


la manga


Enjoy a tasty seaside diner with your partner or friend at the La Manga resort located on the Ilashe Island in Lagos state. This luxury resort is a home away from home with a stunning beachfront view, rooftop jacuzzi, spa and a barbecue grill area. The serene environs around this resort make it the perfect getaway location to lose your guard (whatever that means to you *wink).


hi impact


If you’ve got children on your hands or you’re not the “oh, what a view” kind of person then Hi-Impact Planet is for you. With over 30 indoor and outdoor games, rides and attractions, Hi-Impact Planet, located along the Lagos-Ibadan expressway is an amusement park that will have you screaming and shouting your lungs out in delight. The center also offers first class lodging options making this theme park a wholesome option for vacationers.


Written by Treasure Asanammy

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