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TikTok can be a very fun way to bond. If you’re stuck on what trend to do with your group that does not involve the usual choreography, here are 4 group TikTok trends to recreate:

1. Missions for the night

Let the inside jokes come out to play with this trend. Start out the night by giving out missions/goals for each group member to follow and report with their success or failure after.

@manulopesc13our missions for the night♬ Mission Impossible (Main Theme) – Favorite Movie Songs

2. My friends and their problems

This fun group TikTok trend is great for any occasion, especially those with large groups. It’s a fun way to take light-hearted jabs at each other.

@justsayjackieeThe GWORLS and their problems. 😂 #familyproblems #family #friendproblems #blackgirltiktok♬ Pennies from Heaven Louis Prima – Louis Prima

3. Things/Questions that make you ghost

You know those questions that make you want to disappear because you’re tired of hearing them or you just can’t respond? Bring them up and use this sound for your group TikTok.

@mariannarozmajzl@victoria.rozmajzl♬ original sound – Dr Sus

4. Linda & Heather Challenge

Couples have taken over with this short and easy trend. However, trios can also participate. Take a look at Leona Lewis & her parents:

@leonalewisThis song’s stuck in my head 😭♬ Linda And Heather Theme Song – nooneinparticular


By: Oshoriame Egbakhumeh

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