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It’s Christmas!! And what better way to spend it than with your significant other! Green, white and red lights, cold nights and dry afternoons will usher us into the festivities and here is what you should be doing with the love of your life to make the season count as one of the most memorable ever.


1. Introduction to the folks

If your relationship has gone far and good enough, Christmas might be just the perfect time to take your partner home. Everyone is at home and relaxed and the atmosphere is happy. If there ever was a great time to make your partner meet your parents, Christmas is it.


2. Memorable dates

Dates are required in any relationships and of course, there must have been many of them in the course of the year. But the holidays provide you an opportunity to do something beautifully different and that should be your goal. Plan something special, something different from what you have done all year. It does not have to be more expensive than other times. But if you can afford it, you should probably let it be. The idea is to just do something different.

3. Go for shows

There will be numerous shows and concerts to attend. Some are free (Lagos has some of the best carols by the way) and some cost just a bit. Attend the ones you can afford with the love of your life. It is the experience that matters.

couple on a trip

4. Staycation

This is perfect for partner who just want to spend lost time with each other. It’s OK to want nothing else for Christmas but the company of the one you love but staying at home is not really as important as what you do while at home. Try out something your partner loves doing even if it’s not your thing. Join them in doing what they find interesting and actually try to understand it.

5. Postponed conversations

While it is pleasant to have fun and do fun things, don’t forget to think ahead, too. Understandably, there will be things you must have pushed to the back of your mind because there wasn’t time enough to discuss them. Now will be the time to revisit these conversations; the serious issues that’ll define the future of the relationship. You’ll be relaxed and have enough time. So do it.

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