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You would think the BFF relationship between Funke Akindele and Juliana ‘Toyo Baby’ Oloyede will extend beyond the TV comedy series Jenifa’s diary.

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But, this seems to be the opposite at the moment, as both of them have reportedly parted ways due to a disagreement which probably prompted the killing of Toyo Baby’s character in the series. Surprise!

Eyebrows were raised when Toyo Baby was visibly absent at various events held in Funke’s Lekki home, while other co-stars of the comic series were present.

To further give credence to their separation, Toyo baby was not present at the Jenifa’s Diary ladies photoshoot and the two have unfollowed each other on Instagram.


Despite the separation, Toyo Baby has admitted that Jenifa’s Diary brought her fame.

She said: “It (Jenifa’s Diary) has brought fame (to me), because sometimes, I walk out of my house and people walk up to me saying they know me. And when I go to church just wanting to be myself, people also come to me. Since so many people are big fans of Jenifa, they always like to watch the show, and they get to see other characters and the people playing them. Acting as Toyosi has taught me to be patient and tolerant because she tolerates Jenifa so much.”

Hence, the rising actress will always be grateful to Funke Akindele, who has already begun filming the latest season of Jenifa’s Diary.

The question in the minds of fans is what happened? Can we blame women envy or jealousy for their separation? (But, there are other ladies in the series), Is it money? Ego? We await a statement from either party to clear the controversy.

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