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So it seems like Funke Akindele aka Jenifa aka everyone’s fav funny woman, turned 39 yesterday. But that’s not why we’re here- rumour has it she got married to her current bae, JJC, a day before.

We hear lots of rumours about these celebrities all the time. Pregnancy rumours, surgery rumours, fiery relationships between people who’ve never even met etc etc. But here is why we think this rumour is now true…

Before now, we gathered that the actress was seen flaunting a ring on her hand in a series of social media posts. For some reason, we all seemed to ignore the ring. After all, wearing an engagement ring with no engagement in sight is normal for celebs (*cough* Kylie Jenner *cough*) But then on Tuesday, JJC’s daughter posted this picture of what appears to be a wedding ceremony. Mmmm…


funke akindele secretly married

Need more evidence? Yesterday, JJC (real name- Abdulrasheed Bello) in an instagram post wished the actress a happy birthday. Included in his wish was an acronym which he used – FAB, a lot of us believe this to mean ‘Funke Akindele Bello’. As in, his surname. As in, they share a surname now!

4 insta post

Need even more evidence!? OAP Freeze stylishly confirmed this union in a birthday congratulatory message to the actress. See it below:

“Happy birthday my gorgeous sister @funkejenifaakindele. God gave you love as a birthday present, I pray it lasts forever! You have worked hard, so you deserve to be loved harder!  @jjcskillz ise ti bere. God bless you guys, he will butter your bread and sugar your tea in JESUS name AMEN!

The evidence surrounds us so let’s just conclude already- Funke Akindele is married! Congratulations to her and JJC! (And if they’re not and this has all just been a joke then- congratulations on having us all thoroughly fooled!)


Written by Kike Olowu

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