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You must have observed at restaurants, that many Nigerians eat their meat last. It raises the question, why do they eat the meat at the end of their meal? The type of meat you will most likely to get in a restaurant include round about, ponmo, shaki, chicken, and cow/goat meat. Interestingly, this practice knows no gender, as both boys and girls do it. Here are some funny reasons why Nigerians prefer to eat meat last:

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  1. You save the best for last

You order 3 wraps of Eba and sizzling vegetable and meat. The meat is like a trophy you are rewarded with after you have successfully dealt with the wraps of eba. Congratulations, this is your meat trophy, you can now eat it. You clasp your fingers, pick your meat in a slow motion, drop in your mouth, close your eyes to savour the taste and chew. Wow!

  1. It inspires you to complete your food

Quite a number of people cannot eat a meal if there is no meat, let alone complete it. So, the meat inspires or motivates you to empty your plate into your stomach. You will even salivate as you look forward to devouring the meat.

  1. It is embarrassing when eating and there is no meat

Yes now. You are eating a plate of rice and you eat your meat at the middle or beginning of your meal, you yourself will be embarrassed. If unfortunately at that very moment you ate your meat before finishing your meal a pretty lady sits beside or in front of you, you will regret ever eating your meat. In fact, shame will not allow you finish the meal, because she might think you ordered the meal without meat.

  1. You don’t have enough money to buy meat

If you buy a plate of rice with 5 different pieces of meat, there will be enough to run the full length of the meal. This will enable you to eat meat at the beginning, middle, and end of your food. However, you can’t try this if you bought only one piece of meat. You have to reserve it until the end.

  1. It is part of me

For some Nigerians, the reason why they eat meat last is the way they were brought. The watchful eyes of mummy will not allow them to eat the meat until they finish the food. Hence, you dare not try to eat your meat immediately you start eating if you don’t want to receive a hot slap. So, it is already part of them.

Written by Damilola Faustino

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