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Gabrielle Union Talks Taking Charge In Complex Magazine

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By Oluwatoyin Adeleye

Gabrielle Union is definitely one hottie to watch out for, not just because she is hot though.

The American actress has made it known that she is no longer going to subject herself to being just the damsel in distress anymore.

Speaking in this month’s Complex Magazine, the Being Mary Jane star said: “It was like I went from Cradle to the Grave to Bad Boys 2 and then I just started kissing boys and that was all anybody wanted me to be—the girl from the right side of the tracks who’s sexually repressed and just needs good dick and the right handsome man to straighten her life out—and that’s sort of what I became.”

But she is taking control now and not in a small way.

This year alone she launched a hair care brand, Flawless, designed a clothing line with retailer New York & Company, and prepared for the Oct. 17 debut of her book, We’re Going to Need More Wine. This is after she successfully sued BET, the parent network of her No. 1 show Being Mary Jane, for breach of contract.

Gabrielle, who is married to Basketball star, Dwayne Wade, also notes that she is not entirely as #goals as people seem to paint her and her life to be.

“People are like ‘goals’; me and D are like, ‘wtf?’ We’ve kind of figured it out now, but I guess maybe we should tweet live from couples’ therapy. And when you ask us we’re gonna tell you, there’s a process to happy,” the 44-year-old hot superstar says.

It is therefore apparent that we can expect a more fierce and ‘in-control’ woman in Gabrielle’s next project

She said: “I don’t think there is a more black, authentic version of me that’s ever been captured. Like, my joy, my comfort, I finally feel like I have a sense of worth and value, I felt like it all came together.” She said this in reference to the pictures, which she shared exclusively with Complex from a shoot she creatively directed.

“I thought, ‘What better way to introduce myself to a new group of people as a whole person, as a happy person?’ These pictures reflect who the fuck I am and how I feel about myself,” she noted.

Visit Complex Magazine for the full interview.

Check out her gorgeous photos in the gallery above.

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