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In a new extended interview for Elle, she answers some pretty big questions. The 30-year-old actress showed off her sensational, toned figure in a variety of outfits and revealed all about the series; Game of Thrones as well as what the future holds for her.



Nathalie opened up to Elle about her character on Game of Thrones and how it felt to die only a couple episodes from the end. She also discussed her upcoming projects, including Mindy Kaling‘s remake of Four Weddings and a Funeral.

On learning of Missandei’s death, Natalie says:

“I always expected to die at any moment. Every time I got through to the end of a season I thought, ‘Oh wow. She made it.’ It was always a surprise for me, in a show where people go constantly.

So I wasn’t particularly upset about her death, but I was upset for the character because I love her, she’s a good person, and she goes out in such a brutal way, in chains, which is obviously hugely weighted because of the fact that she was once enslaved.”


She speaks on her character Missandei dying in shackles and how it felt:

It was a punch to the gut, is what it was. I found shooting those scenes in chains really hard, really emotional. Being shackled—even though it’s make-believe and somebody comes straight away and lets me out of them—is really heavy. As a person who has ancestry of slavery, the impact wasn’t lost on me. The fact that this was her journey, she was free, and now she’s found herself back in chains. It was cruel, as you said. But this is the brutality of the world that we’re in. As much as we love these characters—”She’s been through so much!” “We’re rooting for her!” “She didn’t deserve it!”—nobody deserves it, but it doesn’t mean the bad guys won’t get them anyway.

She also describes why her character shouted “Dracarys” in season 8, episode 4

She’s normally quite calm and stoic. Her yelling is not really something we’ve seen before. I wanted to make the most of this moment and make sure that it meant something. In a way it was her own war cry, to her friend and her queen. It’s so funny because she’d told Grey Worm earlier, “My people are peaceful.” But in her last breath she’s like, “Burn them all! Burn these fuckers to the ground.”


By: Dammy Eneli

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