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Written by Alex Chiejina

So which house in Game of Thrones do you belong to?

The ever so popular Game of Thrones is back for the seventh season and if you’re a fan like me, this week is going to be the start of a beautiful season.

So while we get out our famous GOT T-shirts, coffee mugs and other merchandise as we recite our famous lines from the epic series, we must ask you all, which house do you belong?

House Stark 

One of the most famous houses and the most liked for their sense of loyalty and kindness. Supposed to be the rulers of the Throne after the death of Robert Baratheon, the House was betrayed by the Lannisters who accused them of treason, leading to the beheading of their king; Eddard Stark, the True ruler of the North.

Motto: ‘Winter is Coming’.

House Baratheon

Once the Rulers of the Iron Throne, Robert Baratheon took the throne as King until his death, which made way for the Lannisters to become the ruling house.

Motto: ‘Ours is Fury’

House Lannister


‘A Lannister always pay his debts’. This is one saying you’ll hear throughout the series and they wear it with pride. One of the richest families with a complex family relationship between siblings and parents, the House is hardly trusted by many as they are seen as conniving. However not all members are malevolent.

Motto: ‘Hear me roar’

House Targaryen

Once the ruling royal house of the Seven Kingdoms for three centuries, before the rebellion of Robert Baratheon which led to their exile. Daenerys, the now ruling queen sets sails to return to King’s Landing to reclaim her throne as Khaleesi, the mother of Dragons. Three to be precise.

Motto: ‘Fire and Blood’

House Tyrell

The house bent on becoming the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. The only daughter Margaery Tyrell was married to Joffrey Baratheon and then his younger brother Renly Baratheon. Following the death of Margaery, Loras and Mace, the unshakeable grandmother Olenna Tyrell now stands as the ruler of the house.

Motto: ‘Growing Strong’

House Martell

Now legally extinct, this once great house took an isolated role in the political events. There is bad blood between the Martells and the Lannisters, as Ella Martell and her children were raped and killed by the Lannister’s troops. This motivates her brother Oberyn Martell to volunteer as Tyrion’s champion against Gregor, after Tyrion has been falsely accused of poisoning his nephew and then king, Joffrey. Oberyn fails and has his head crushed, while his brother Prince Doran and his son Trystane are killed by Oberyn’s widowed paramour for being weak and not avenging his or their sister’s death.

Motto: ‘Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken’

House Arryn

One of the Great Houses of Westeros. After the suspicious death of the Ruler, Jon Arryn, his widow Lysa flees King’s Landing with her son to seek refuge in the Eyrie. After the Battle of the Bastards, The Vale vouches for House of Stark to stand against the Iron Throne now wrongfully occupied by the Lannisters.

Motto: ‘As High As Honor’

So let’s get the conversation going in the comments section; which house do you belong to and why?

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