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Emilia Clarke, aka Danearys Tagaryen, lead actress of the epic worldwide TV series, Game of Thrones is the sultry cover on allure magazine June 2019 issue.


Looking flawless in the photos following the cover shoot, the star, famous for white-blonde tresses she wears on GOT, is pictured in brown hair with gold highlights that reflects the sun.

In the other photos, she has on gold eyeshadow and jewelry, with subtle yet gorgeous makeup.


As the show, which has run for 11 years comes to an end this week, Emilia Clarke speaks to Allure on the journey on how she deals with fame, why she thinks Game Of Thrones has become such a worldwide pop culture movement, her meeting Beyoncé at an Oscars bash and more.

Read excerpts below:

On why everybody is obsessed with GOT

The show is sensationalist in a way, It’s the reason why people pick up gossip magazines. They want to know what happens next… You’ve got a society that is far removed enough from ours but also circulates around power. How that corrupts people and how we want it, and how we don’t want it.

On being a public figure

I move like a shark when I’m in public. Head down. I think I’ve got quite bad posture because of it because I’m determined to lead a normal life. So I just move too quickly for anyone to register if it’s me or not. And I don’t walk around with six security men and big sunglasses and a bizarre coat. I really try to meld in.

On meeting Beyoncé

I watched her face go, “Oh, no, I shouldn’t be talking to this crazy [woman], who is essentially crying in front of me.” I think my inner monologue was, “Stop f*****g it up,” and I kept f*cking it up. I was like, “I just saw you in concert.” And she was like, “I know.”

Read full interview on allure.com

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By Sarah Oyedo

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