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During Mourinho’s time at Real Madrid, there were reports the Portuguese coach wanted the Gareth Bale at the Santiago Bernabeu, but that didn’t work out. Bale however joined Madrid, after Mourinho had left. Now there are reports, Mourinho is trying to get his former target this time, for Tottenham.

Bale signing for Tottenham would probably be a disaster for both the club and the player. Bale has always been a luxury and attack minded player, he gets the ball and he’s on the run towards opposition post, you don’t ask a player like Bale to worry about defensive duties. And there lies the problem with the signing of Bale.

Since the appointment of Mourinho as Spurs coach, we’ve seen a dip in form for Son, Moura and Kane. Why is that? Mourinho is more focused on keeping his teams defensive shape and stopping attacks, rather than creating his own attack. So why would a player like Bale who strives in possession and attacking based tactics, move to a club that would compromise his career and style of play?

Then there’s the issue of his wages. Bale is currently earning £600,000 per week, divide that by half and Harry Kane isn’t still earning as much as he is. Paying £300,000 a week for a 31-years old player, who doesn’t suit your style of play is arguably one of the biggest gambles in recent years.

All things considered, signing Bale for Tottenham would be one of those Jose Mourinho mistakes, and he might not spend the whole season to see how it plays out. Tottenham started their season with a home loss to Everton. Jose Mourinho and Daniel Levy are looking for answers, but Gareth Bale isn’t the answer to their problem.

By Muyiwa aguda  

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